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PWC World Records: Fastest PWC Speed (Controlled Class)

Current holder:

We are aware that Joseph Mastrapa of Miami USA holds the unofficial World record for the fastest ‘drag’ on a PWC of 101.7 mph or 163.67kph Joseph set this mark in early November 2012. We are currently communicating with the officials involved in this record to establish the criteria for setting the record. Therefore this category and it’s requirements is a work in progress and subject to change.


Previous Holder:

Description of Record:

A straight line speed record.


Requirements for attempting the record:

Only one rider is allowed for the attempt.

The speed achieved is to be rounded down to the nearest 0.1 kilometers per hour.

There is no distinction between open water and lakes as conditions vary on both surfaces from day to day and in different geographical positions.

There is no distinction between ‘stand-up’ and ‘sit-down’ models.

The record must be attempted over a 1.5 km straight line course. Two runs must be completed. The second run must be in the opposite direction to the 1st run. The second run must be completed within one hour of the commencement of the first run.  The final achieved speed is the average of the two runs. The straight line attempt between two points must be able to be witnessed at all times. High quality timing equipment must be used that ensures a high degree of accuracy and legitimacy in recording the times of the two runs.

The 1.5km course must be measured by two independent means and marked with buoys or more permanent features. Measuring water courses may be difficult. A qualified surveyor may be needed. The use of two independent GPS systems to measure the course would not suffice. However, the use of three independent GPS systems and using the most conservative for measuring the course would be acceptable.

The attempt must take place in a public place or in a venue open to public inspection.

The PWC used must be available for purchase from a dealer and may be modified.

The PWC used must use an engine of the same brand as it’s hull.

The PWC must be propelled by water passing through it’s jet and by no other means.

The same PWC must be used for both runs and modifications to the PWC may not be altered between the runs.

Any fuel may be used as long as it is able to be purchased by the general public from somewhere within 100km of the attempt geographical position.

A support vessel is recommended to be used for the attempt for safety reasons.  The support vessel may not be used to provide more favorable sea conditions than would otherwise be the case without it.

The record must be witnessed by a person deemed to be an expert in the field of PWC racing or PWC adventure riding.

The record must be witnessed by a Civil Law Notary or an independent witness as described below.

As many people (observers/team members) as possible must sign a ‘Witness Register’ and include their contact details including email and mobile phones.

A log book must be kept with details of anything pertinent that happens.

Evidence must include photos and video of the event preparation and the start of the attempt and include video of the full hour of the attempt or at least until the second run has been completed.

 An accurate and easily seen electronic clock displaying GMT or local time accurate to a second must be available and in sight in the fore ground of the video footage.

Applications must include:

Name of person attempting the record and head and shoulders electronic photograph.

Full contact details of person attempting the record.

Proposed date of attempt.

Place of attempt and electronic map of course area with proposed course marked on it.

Details of any charity involved.

Details of media coverage expected.

Details of the PWC make and type to be used in the attempt.

Details of modifications made to the PWC

Link to attempt website and/or facebook page.

Provide a signed indemnity.(A tick in a box ‘I agree’ type thing)



Record attempts of this nature can be dangerous. It is the responsibility of the person attempting the record and their team to ensure the safety of all involved. PWC World Records is not responsible in any way for any damage or injury that occurs as a result of any record attempt. During the attempt all laws, maritime and other should be complied with. Evidence of laws being broken could nullify the attempt resulting in the record being denied.


Independent Witnesses:

A PWC World Records Official Adjudicator may be available to witness your attempt. Contact us well in advance to see if one is available. There will be a cost involved limited to the reasonable expenses of attending your attempt. Having an Official Adjudicator present means that expert and other independent witnesses are not required.

Otherwise witnesses should be independent of the attempt and may not be part of the supporting team. ‘Independent’ means that they are not associated with, or related to the record organisers or participants, nor should they have anything to gain from the final outcome of the attempt.

Witnesses must be in attendance throughout the record attempt.

Witnesses required:

1 x Expert Witness

1 x Civil Law Notary or 1 of the list below:

  1. Audit company or professional services firm contracted by the organisers to independently verify the outcome of the record and following of the guidelines.
  2. Two police officers representing one police department.
  3. If unable to find the above witnesses contact us to get prior approval of a proposed witness that you believe would be acceptable.