About us

Longest Journey on a Personal Watercraft.
Adriaan Marais and Marinus du Plessis
17,266.69 km or 10,729 Stat. miles

The official site for PWC World Record planning and recording. This site was built to provide consistent and fair monitoring of PWC World Records. Standards have been set by experts from the PWC community. Other generic World Records organisations are inconsistent across the record range. The hardest part of breaking a world record should be breaking it, not proving it.


This site aims to provide logical requirements for how records are attempted and for what evidence is required to prove a successful attempt. Once evidence is submitted a committee of experts will consider all information in a timely manner.


By putting all the records on one site it is hoped to encourage riders to have a go and create new world bests. The site also aims to encourage peer recognition, to promote the sport for charitable purposes and to lift the profile of sport through responsible and exciting adventures


The current categories are just the start. Any new applications for a new category will be considered as long as it offers something new and exciting to the mix.